Meet the Distiller HG Hemp Gin

A passion for high quality gin and push the boundaries soon became an obsessive desire to develop a truly unique premium gin to satisfy the needs of ‘gin savvy’ Australians. When Hemp recently won legal approval for use in food and drink, Gin aficionado Andrew Kerrigan had his ‘eureka’ moment and became the first Australian to turn this superfood into a super gin. Hemp magically combines with the other botanicals to produce a very different savoury-style gin, and Hemp Gin has a flavour that sustains on the palate long after the first crisp sip.

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Who are The Gin Birds?

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Gindex was created as a platform to support independent and emerging gin distilleries still growing their brands in Australia.

We have a love for gin and the people who make it! With the realisation that Australia is yet to discover the best gins are created on their own doorstep we set out to find and showcase the best and most exciting artisan releases at large. Our mission to introduce Australian gin lovers to the best craft gins homegrown in Australia.

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