Aussie Distillers flipping their business to sanitise the nation

Our Aussie Distillers are flipping their business as usual model and helping fight the COVID pandemic with the production of Hand Sanitiser.

Small craft distillers are stepping up and shipping off to our Healthcare services and the bottles for their community are flying off the shelves.

So where can you get your hands on some ( no pun intended) and support these awesome distillers.

It’s no mean feat changing your production line and flipping your business model in response to a global pandemic but the distilling industry being the community spirited folks they are stepped up to the mark. Working long hours and embracing the risk that they may only just break even or take a loss to help the cause.

You may have seen the news that globally distillers are the saving grace in meeting the WHO standards for this highly sought item, so to help you support them and find a hand sanitiser near you, see our shout out below.


Earp Distilling from Newcastle NSW was established back in 1883, with this longevity and typical community spirit of course they wanted to help out, Earp’s sanitising liquid is manufactured on site at their Carrington distillery, made in accordance with the World Health Organisation hand rub formula guidelines. 

Due to unprecedented circumstances and overwhelming demand for sanitising liquid globally, they have pivoted and adapted production in an attempt to do all they can for the community. 

Grab the STAY HOME Spray Packs 



Surry Hills based Brix Distilling are proud to supply valued hand sanitiser to communities & businesses around the country. Brix are a passionate Australian Rum Distiller and if you are partial to a drop off rum then grab a bottle of their awesome stuff and get a free bottle of hand sanitiser

Brix Distilling Co


Mr Black was founded in 2013 after a chance meeting between Philip Moore, one of Australia’s foremost distillers, and Tom Baker, coffee-nerd and designer.

Philip being the Distiller at the Central Coast’s Distillery Botanica they were brought together a shared belief that coffee is delicious, and drinking is fun

Mr Blacks has created a WHO recipe Hand sanitiser suitable named “LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR”

Order your bottle of LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR

Mr Black


Family owned Gold Coast Distiller Granddad Jacks would be the first to raise their hand and help the community, always up for a new challenge Luke and David have created a number of  WHO quality products and the packaging is not only usable and handy but looks fabulous too.

Order Now at Granddad Jacks


Adelaide Distillers David and Steven create award winning malt whiskey, gins and other premium spirits. Their Gins are a particular Gin Birds favourite with fabulous flavour profiles, NEW IN and ready to ship on 16th April their Instant Hand Sanitiser ON THE ONE HAND

Order direct from 5Nines


This family-run small batch distillery based in bayside Melbourne, create spirits inspired by the charm and romance of Casablanca. They have created a Hand Sanitiser with Eucalyptus and lemon myrtle added for antiseptic qualities and pleasant fragrance.

Order online from HYALK

If you are a small craft distiller who is creating a Hand Sanitiser let us know and we will share with the Gin Loving Community.

Stay Safe Australia 


Written by Chamaine Lovett 

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