Australia’s First Consumer Gin Awards - Winners Announced

The Gin Birds, Australia's explorers of craft gin have launched GinNation Awards in 2020, Australia's first ever Consumer Awards and announced the winners list on 17th December 2020.

GinNation Awards is Australia's most exciting Gin awards created with one simple purpose - empower Australia's Gin Lovers to voice their favourite Australian gins and allow the participation of the consumer to judge the gins bringing the authentic consumer voice to the distillers.

The Consumer Choice Award gave the public a say about their favourite Australian Gin and collectively decided which brands deserve the grand title. The winners were decided by 100% public vote following 2000 votes.

Over 100 submissions were judged for the official award categories of Contemporary, Classic Dry, Navy, Matured, Flavoured and Old Tom were conducted by consumer judges at Brix Distillery in Sydney and remotely for the judges that could not travel interstate due to COVID restrictions. All judging was completed via a professional judging process, judging was conducted as a blind tasting, all our judges were selected via a rigorous selection process and offered training and support throughout.

After hours of training, days of judging, weeks of counting the winners were decided and announced by Facebook Live by The Gin Birds.

Find the winners list here.

Watch the broadcast here.


Why consumer judges?

Consumers believe the best gins are homegrown here in Australia from our unique botanicals and talented gin distillers. They also know the gin loving community are committed to supporting the best gin, and thoroughly vocal about their favourites.

The Gin Birds are also busy recruiting Consumer Gin Judges for the judged categories carefully selecting Australian Gin Lovers from all demographics with a palette and love for great Australian Gin.

We have a flux of new and interesting voices ready to represent the best of what we have and what is to come.

We are unique in Australia with the wide array of botanicals from ant pheromones to finger limes, lemon myrtle and kutjera a native bush tomato, pepperberry, strawberry gum, river mint .. Australia is building its own narrative that belongs to us.

The gin loving can get behind their favourite gin brand and vote or judge. The Gin Birds are building the synergy between the gin consumer and Australian Craft Distillers.
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