Gin and Tonic Trifle

Gin Lovers, we know you dont need suggestions on how to utilise all that fantastic Craft Australian Gin but if you have a sweet tooth, love a good trifle and want to impress your dinner guests we thought you would love these ways to incorporate a great gin in to a delicious and beautiful gin masterpiece.

We have put together our Favourite Gin Trifles, we would just love to see your Gin and Tonic trifle Creations

Gin and Tonic Trifle

This showstopper includes fresh gin pairing ingredients such as cucumber, mint, lemon and lime. We love the addition of tonic and lemoncurd, a good portion of gin is included for this boozy desert.

Full ingredients and method at Taste Australia

Gin and Cherry Trifle

If you are a cherry lover this more traditional take on a trifle includes Gin and its friend Elderflower, a fabulous combination.

We love the addition of Juniper berries and spices to this stunning desert, with only a cup of gin included its a little less boozy but excels in spice and glamour

Full ingredients and method at Delicious

Peach and Sloe Gin Jelly Trifle

We just love Sloe Gin, its sweetness and flavour makes it perfect for this Gin dessert. There are some beautiful Australian Sloe Gins available to add to your ingredient list.

Meringues make this dish an Australian winner like a cousin to the Pavlova but this one is full of peaches and vanilla goodness.

To make this one grab the recipe at this link Donna Hay

We would love to see your Gin Trifle creations. DM us your images and of course let us know your favourite Australian Gins to use.

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