GinColada- National Pineapple Day Gin Recipes

Get pairing those pineapples its "National Pineapple Day"

The tanginess of pineapple is a fabulous pairing with gin, and tends to soften some of the stronger gin flavours.

Mint is also a wonderful and aromatic way to add one more layer of aroma and flavour to a G &T with pineapple.

We have added some of our favourite's below

Simple Gin and Tonic with Pineapple Garnish 

Karu Distillery's Lightning Gin pairs perfectly with a simple Pineapple Garnish.

The Juniper formality takes you through to a rich burst of flavours across the palate. It begins with a slight fruity, sweet citrus that the Mandarin offers only to be interrupted by soft honey bush, rose geranium then takes to the stage with a floral performance handing over to lemon myrtle which pairs perfectly with the Vanilla to finish the show. A mild buzz fills your lips as notes of garden rain remain. Order yourself a bottle on Gindex

Spiced Gin Punch

A spiced gin punch that is perfect for the cooler weather. Many pineapple recipes you would associate with summers with a cocktail and umbrella or by the pool but this drink is super simple, sweet and flavorful, baking spices abound in this one, which makes it a great winter sipper.

Link to Full Recipe


If you cant get your hands on Coconut and Mango Syrup, make your own with pineapple milk and blended mango, recommended here with Manly Spirits Gin or order any other Australian Dry on Gindex

50ml Manly Australian Dry Gin
25ml Coconut & Mango Gin-a-Colada Syrup
50ml pineapple juice
Squeeze of fresh lime (optional)

We have over 25 Dry style gins on the Gindex store here's the link to all the Gindex Dry Gins

Pineapple Kiwi G & T

A tropical spin on the classic gin and tonic!

Try this simple recipe of Gin, pineapple and cubed kiwi with Wolf Lane Tropical Gin on the Gindex Store

Link to recipe

Cucumber, Celery and Pineapple Gin Cooler

The gin, celery bitters and sparkling water with added cucumber make this fresh and fabulous number even more refreshing, with pineapple juice for sweetness, a bit of salt to bring out the flavours . 

A simple but delicious drink, it’s somewhat vegetal and recommended before supper, as an aperitif. 

Link to recipe

Stock up on your mixers for your pineapple gin experiments on Gindex 

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