How many Gins in Ginger - Gin and Ginger Ale recipes

How often do we challenge the word tonic with gin? Probably not often, but we do occasionally hear from the gin curious out there the one thing that puts them off gin is the tonic.

So we understand maybe tonic is not your cup of tea and of course thats ok there are so many other mixers waiting in the wings to join you on your gin journey.

Perhaps you love tonic but are open to a new taste to add to your favourite craft gin?

We challenge you to try a ginger ale with your gin and hope you will be pleasantly surprised.

Ginger normally works well with dark spirits such as Rum or Bourbon but ginger is a great flavour enhancer and helps lift the flavour, what could be a better time to try than Aussie autumn to bring out the beautiful aroma 



Ginger Ale works so well with 5NINES Citrus Ginthe distiller infuses with three types of fresh South Australian citrus fruits (mandarin, lime & orange) alongside various spices (coriander seed, cloves & star anise), and adding a unique blend of botanicals sourced from around the globe. We included in February’s Gin Subscription and members were impressed by the gin and ginger ale pairing that just worked perfectly. Grab a bottle to try


This modern Australian take on a classic aniseed forward, barrel aged liqueur, sweetened with Victorian honey.
Delightfully smooth and syrupy with a warm blanket of spice and a hint of oak.
Best served neat as a sip + savour or mixed with ginger beer and fresh citrus for a spicy summer spritz. Order from our store

Tiny Bear Distillery GYPSY GIN 

A spice driven gin, with a pungent juniper base. Flavoured by four different peppers, as well as cardamom, clove and cumin. Fresh citrus notes added from lemon and lime, with a crisp finish from the added cucumber. A bold gin, which makes a great "Red Snapper", or a "Dirty Martini". Serve with any of Lemon, Lime, Cucumber, Capsicum, Fresh Ginger, Orange, Mandarin in a Gin and Tonic. Order from the Gindex store


Purchase your Ginger Ale from GINDEX 

The Dark Mixer pack is Grassy, peaty, woody, malted or smoked. Leather-laden, tannin-rich spice with a pigment of oak. Dark spirits undoubtedly have their own language, but rarely a mixer to match.

Even if its not a Ginger Ale there is a Mixer for every Gin lover on the store

If you want to adventure into Ginger Ale Cocktails, we have added some favourites below, we would love to see your Ginger Gin creations, feel free to share the love



With two gins in this drink one gin and of course one ginger, when you muddle in a little lime, syrup, and mint, the drink's flavour has a refreshing contrast. A mojito influence that is incredibly easy and a fabulous flavour.

Full Recipe



Something light, refreshing and fruity. Super quick and easy with blackberries and basil.

Try with Imbue's Journey Gin  where crisp, juicy apple is layered over woody juniper, finishing with a sweet spiciness from the native muntries—a prolific white flowering shrub with red/green berries. 


 Full Recipe



The suffering bastard created by a hungover bar steward in the 1940s. Designed of course as a cure for someone suffering from a hangover, we love it!

A drink with a difference its a combination of bourbon, gin, fresh lime juice, bitters and ginger ale.The combination of the gin botanicals with bourbon works so well. The fresh lime juice cuts some of the roughness while the bitters add depth.

Give it a try on these long lockdown nights, we would love to hear your thoughts!

Full Recipe

Need to stock up on gin and or mixers? Have a browse through the Gindex Catalogue, use the search function for flavours, styles or distillers or message us for gin suggestions.

We now do tonics and mixers too, stock up on The Gindex for nights in with gin.

Written by Chamaine Lovett

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