Ice-olation- Getting Crafty with your Cubes

How refreshing is it to be able to try out new ideas during the stressful times of COVID19. From baking up some Gin Cakes to trying out new cocktails we have found this has been a time to not only reflect on important stuff but try our hand at something new, and if you can involve the family then all the better.

So we thought we would share some Ginnovative ideas to get crafty with your ice cubes, adding a new way to garnish your stash of Australian Craft Gin.

Blooming Marvellous

If you want to add beauty rather than garnish to your gin then its super easy to add in edible blooms.

Here's a list of Edible Flowers

Simply make with water and your edible flowers or a lovely elderflower cordial mixed in that works really well with a gin from the Gindex store

Muffins in the freezer

Sounds odd, maybe? 

Not sure we have room in our freezer but if you do then using a muffin pan to make huge citrus ice cubes is a super cheap and easy way to keep your drinks cool while adding a little bit of zest. They’re gorgeous, generous and go so well with a gin.

Fill with slices of Lemon and Lime to make a big colourful Ice creation for those balloon glasses.

Get Fruity

Not all gin drinkers are partial to fruit in their gin but these fruity cubes can be adapted with fruit from these gin cocktails. 


ROSE LOVERS will love this drink, which is a mix of syrup, gin, pomegranate juice and seeds, lime, raspberries and sparkling rosé. Yum! Add the raspberries, lime and pomegranate seeds to your cubes for a stunning drink. 


This drink was tailor-made for the cocktail drinker who prefers elegance with just a touch of sweetness. This fruity blend served with egg white and served in a martini glass will look stunning with iced blueberries.


Memories of hot summer days, a cherry limeade cocktail with frozen Cherry cubes is a beautiful afternoon sip.


If your garnish tends to be green then mint, cucumber and rosemary are all perfect for your cubes.

 Or mix then up with these pairings

  •  Fig and rosemary
  •  Lime and mint
  •  Raspberries and blackberries
  • Lemon and honey

Now for Novelty

With so many Novelty ice trays on the market if you really just want some plain old ice in your Gin and Tonic. 
    An impressive number of trays are available on stores such as Amazon to suit every cocktail or party theme. 

    Top up on your Gin and Tonic supply and visit our Gindex catalogue

    Written by Chamaine Lovett 

    All Images via Pinterest
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