Lunch and Learn- Cocktail Classes

There are so many pop up classes being offered to learn a new skill at home during the lockdown but what are we really excited to be learning about ... Cocktails!! 

The Hospitality industry has taken a hit during COVID 19 and of course we are all doing our best to help out by collecting take away coffee, ordering Uber Eats or grabbing drive thru cocktails, but how about the super idea from Help Out Hospo to give us all some homework with E- learning Cocktail classes! 

The Help Out Hospo “Cocktails at Home” course, shows you how to set up your home bar, learn techniques and tricks and how to master some of the classic cocktails you know and love.

With the selection of courses all for a donation of just $10 you could be whipping up a few gin masterpieces in no time. 

Donations help out the struggling Hospitality Industry and have already raised a fabulous $45,000.

Other courses are on offer with Chefs like Matt Moran or a how to approach to family meals.

We can’t wait to sign up and practice in The Gin Birds Home Bar, let us know how you go and please share the pictures Sign Up to the courses here.

If you need to grab some Gin or Mixers to practice your new Home Bartender skills jump on to the store at the GINDEX we have you covered for home delivery Order Gin or Mixers 


Written by Chamaine Lovett





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