Polly Waffle returns as Aussie Craft Gin

Australians have been waiting over a decade for the beloved Aussie Icon Polly Waffle to return to its shelves. 

There's been facebook campaigns, government funding and recipe redesign to bring back the bar in 2021 however Australian Gin Pioneers The Gin Birds have took the opportunity during COVID 19 to create an ode to the beloved Chocolate Bar with a handcrafted walk down memory lane. A deconstructed ode to an iconic Aussie chocolate bar as a Craft Australian Gin available to Polly Waffle lovers in October 2020 as Polly's Gin.

Working closely with distiller JP Willigenburg from Victorian Distillery That Spirited Lot the female founders have taken the Polly Waffle back to Ancient Egypt where the first ever Marshmallow was made.

To bring back the iconic childhood chocolate bar into Australia's favourite spirit the team have blended old and new and dipped into the northern African history of the Marshmallow to allow them the complexity they were after whilst bringing in Australian botanicals that make up the distinctive Polly Waffle flavours.

The result they have created a grown up and deconstructed Polly Waffle’esque Gin.

THE GIN PART - Organic Juniper and Coriander

THE MARSHMALLOW PART - Marshmallow Root, Ruby Grapefruit Peel, Lemon Peel, Almond, Pistachio, Ceylon Vanilla

THE CHOC & WAFFER PART – Dried orchard fruits, Coconut, Allspice, Cacao  

That distinctive purple gin label will have Aussie's jumping back to their childhood whilst enjoying this grown up world class drink.

Order this limited release here


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