The Best Gin and Cucumber Cocktails

Cucumber is our teachers pet of Gin Garnishes followed closely by Rosemary.

Of course for some folks Cucumber and Gin is a love it or hate it debate, a little like the big Vegemite conundrum 

It all of course depends on the botanicals of your chosen Gin, hence why it’s a perfect pairing with Hendricks due to its cucumber blend. 

We thought we should share our favourite Cucumber Cocktails because as well as being delicious you can make them look fabulous with that versatility in shapes created with a cucumber garnish.

Let us know your favourites and which Aussie Gin you like to pair your cucumber with

Cool Cucumber Gin Cocktail

This refreshing number bursting with green goodness, lime, mint and fresh cucumber juice, the cucumber ribbons make this a stunning fresh gin indulgence

Link to Full recipe

Key Lime Cucumber Gin Cocktail

This beautiful floral number embraces Elderflower and Chartreuse, tangy, slightly sweet, earthy and refreshing.

Chartreuse is a liqueur made with a variety of herbs, plants and flowers. Chartreuse has a particularly unique flavour and a stunning green hue. Chartreuse originates from a small town in France. Monks actually first created the bright green herbal infusion as early as the mid-eighteenth century. Garnish with edible flowers and cucumber slices.

Link to full recipe

Cucumber Melon Gin Spritzer

Make yourself the most refreshing summer cocktail. Cantaloupe melon, gin, cucumber slices, mint, and seltzer come together to make this refreshing long summer drink. Fill with heaps of ice and cucumber slices to stun your gin pals this summer.

Link to full recipe

Grapefruit Cucumber Gin

One of our absolute favourites and could even pass off as a breakfast juice, a light and refreshing cocktail that features seasonal citrus and fresh produce. Cucumber and grapefruit make great friends, add a quality craft gin and your made!

Link to Full recipe

Blueberry Cucumber Gimlet

A fruity and beautiful shade of pink, this gimlet is a stunning evening entertainer that will give you that fresh cucumber goodness when made with a good Australian craft gin.

Link to Full Recipe

Cucumber Mint Martini

Add a little sophistication and make this Gin number in a proper Martini glass. Using a London Dry is recommended and chunks of frozen cucumber. Perfect for cooling down on a hot and humid Aussie Summer Day

Link to Full Recipe

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