The Gin Birds host 80's themed Gin Party for Movember

2020 has been a harrowing year for most of the nation, with lockdowns, increased financial stress and anxiety the increase in Australians reporting poorer emotional and mental wellbeing has increased dramatically.

The increase of incidence of Mens Health has surged with an increased need for support particularly in Mental Health

During July and August 2020, compared to the previous two months calls about their mental health from Men increased by 95%, calls about work and employment increased by 48% and calls about relationship issues increased by 36%.

With the stronger COVID-19 restrictions for Victoria, during August the MensLine Australia website saw its biggest jump in visitors from Victorian residents.

The founders at the The Gin Birds values lie in supporting local businesses and supporting charity, these Gin Champions have years of experience with technology and online events with their corporate leadership roles and so wanted to harness their passion and experience to give back. Having recently raised thousands for Breast Cancer with their biggest Pink G & T Party the Gin Birds wanted to raise awareness and funds for Movember

They are running and hosting An Eighties themed Movember fundraiser while launching their Polly Waffle Inspired Gin, folks can participate online wearing their BEST or WORST 80's OUTFITS AND JOIN THE BIGGEST 80's themed Movember party drink Polly's gin and paired tonic whilst being entertained with guest distiller. speakers, 80's quiz and Polly Waffle inspired tastings.

Co Founder Chamaine Lovett also a Clinician says the team are passionate about giving back to charity " I personally love being able to give back to health and wellbeing charities, we are delighted we can host fun interactive events whilst raising funds and spending some time discussing the serious health topics and give back to our community"

The Gin Birds and their digital Gin Store Gindex has been helping Australians discover small craft gin brands since last year, during the bushfire and Covid crisis distillers really felt the economic strain and The Gin Birds jumped in and launched free online events and support for distillers.

Tickets are on sale at or visit The Gin Birds at


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