World Gin Day - Gin and Tonic Cake

Apart from drinking gin the second best way to celebrate World Gin Day is a delicious Gin & Tonic Cake.

We just love Gin and are also partial to a little cake so we partnered with an Artisan Baker to create a Gin Birds Gin and Tonic Cake.

Our very own Gin Birds boozy bake is created with Craft Australian Gin and Drizzled with Gin and Fitch and Leedes Grapefruit Tonic

Sticky gin fingers are guaranteed!

Have a peek at our favourite G & T recipes.


This beautiful bake includes 125ml Gin and a Gin and Tonic flavour frosting which you can easily replicate at home.

We love the inclusion of lime and the gorgeous layers of green goodness.

We recommend a lovely Craft Gin from the Gindex collection to add in those Aussie botanicals.

Grab a pack of mixed tonics from our store to make the Gin and Tonic Jelly.

Full Recipe at Lakeland


A beautiful creamy cake fit for afternoon tea with G&T or even a skinny flat white to make up for the calories. The Gin here is infused in the strawberry jam and Elderflower liqueur with the cream. 

Elderflower liqueur makes a perfect Gin cocktail, order yourself a Gin treat at The Gindex or sign up for an Australian Craft Gin Subscription

Full recipe 


If people really do insist on sharing, then these Gin and Tonic Cupcakes are perfect but may not last too long!

Super simple to make– even for novice, tired or gin infused bakers. The only trick is using room temperature ingredients.

The frosting – mascarpone, icing sugar and cream – is also infused with the G&T syrup and piped over the cupcakes. A slice of lime and small and decorative straws make them look too good to eat, but we know you will! 

The Threefold Aromatic Gin on Gindex would be a perfect pairing!

Send us your Instagram or facebook pictures before they get eaten 

Full recipe


Its pink, its light and its ombre.

Reminiscent of a childhood angel cake but filled with Gin and a gorgeous pink yes please!

We recommend the beautiful BABY Pink Gin in this recipe, which is available on Gindex and will give the cake a fabulous Rose and Raspberry flavour.

Full Recipe


Just a lovely simple sponge with Gin added to both the Icing and Drizzle, the only hard bit is deciding which Aussie Craft Gin to use.

With a healthy dose of lime slices plonked on top, the icing is best served messy so you really cant go wrong here and who cares about sticky icy gin fingers?

For that lovely yellow sponge grab some free range eggs and for the best flavour use a Citrus Gin or a Gincello from our Gindex! Happy Baking

Full Recipe


Now this is an gindulgence, a soft, tender and moist Chocolate Gin Cake. Its packed to the rafters with chocolate and coffee flavours that are enhanced by the gin.

If you are indeed both a chocoholic and a gin lover you will love this piece of sticky chocolate heaven.

We think the Davidson Plum Gin would go perfect in this cake. 

Full Recipe

We hope you enjoy a little home baking, please share your masterpieces with us and any new Gindulgent recipes you create.

Written by Chamaine Lovett

Images credit @Pinterest

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