About The Gin Birds

Gindex is the brainchild of The Gin Birds, Chamaine Lovett and Suzan Temizer, two women passionate about the curation of a great gin experience and the support of Australian producers.

We created Gindex as a platform to support independent and emerging gin distilleries still growing their brands in Australia.

We have a love for gin and the people who make it!

With the realisation that Australia is yet to discover the best gins are created on their own doorstep we set out to find and showcase the best and most exciting artisan releases at large. Our mission to introduce Australian gin lovers to the best craft gins homegrown in Australia.

For us, it's all about the collective.

About Us
About Us

We gin distilleries still growing their brands in Australia through Events, Gin and Tonic Subscription services GinFever and Tonic Tribe, exclusively showcasing Australia’s own local distillers along with GINDEX the first digital gin and tonic megastore.

The Gin Birds just launched Australia's first ever GinNation Consumer Gin Awards and Australia's largest online gin tasting over 2 epic days GinNation Festival coming up
30 and 31 January 2021.

Thank you for supporting us supporting local distillers.

Please reach out to us on hello@theginbirds.com or on Socials below.