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The Gin Birds delighted to announce our next Gin and Zoom MEET THE DISTILLERS night with our QUEENSLAND/NORTH COAST NSW Distillers live with our three fabulous distillers and their gins:

Wolf Lane Distillery
Husk Distillers

Event is Friday 25 September 2020 at 7:30pm to 9pm

Hosted by The Gin Birds, explorers of Australian Craft Gin & sponsored by Capi who will throw in free paired tonic with your bottle of gin. Interact, laugh and chat live on the night with each distiller as they take us through their gin journey and gins.


The idea was create a range of beverages made ‘by’ Australia that were 100% natural, crafted with quality ingredients and free of all preservatives. Fast forward to today and CAPI has a portfolio of 19 mixers, fruit sodas and waters that challenge a world of mass-production and mediocrity.

CAPI will provide FREE paired tonics with your chosen Gin

Ticket free with purchase of gin



Victor Ko

BROOKIES by Cape Byron Distillery

Eddie Brook & Jim McEwan

In the hinterland of Byron Bay from atop the family farm, the sun is rising behind the lighthouse. Nestled in the middle of the farm, amongst the macadamia trees and decades-long regenerated subtropical rainforest, is the peaceful distillery. Absolute paradise. Cape Byron Distillery is building a heritage, continuing to regenerate the environment for generations to come. Here the spirit captures native local flavours and infuses them into a new calibre of gin. The birth of Brookie’s Gin came about through a serendipitous union of the Brook family (Pam, Martin, Will & Eddie) and Jim McEwan, of Islay, Scotland, the world’s most awarded distiller (creator of The Botanist Gin, former Master Distiller of Bruichladdich and Hall of Fame Distiller). In 1988 Pam & Martin Brook purchased 96 acres of run down, cleared dairy farm in the hinterland of Byron Bay and their life’s work has been to bring life back to their land. They planted 4,000 Macadamia’s and over 35,000 rainforest trees to help regenerate the area. Eddie has worked in the spirit industry all his life and gave an Australia wide tour to Jim while he was still with Bruichladdich. An instant family value bond was born and the distillery & Brookie’s gin came to life.
K.a Joben


Darren Osbourne and Sam Kennis

Wolf Lane Distillery is an award winning micro distillery in the heart of Cairns, Far North Queensland. Their gins and liqueurs are handcrafted with a strong focus on local ingredients to deliver a slice of paradise in every sip. Wolf Lane seek to support local farmers and growers that opt for sustainable and organic farming. This not only ensures the freshest produce is used, but also allows them to produce truly unique Australian spirits and liqueurs. Wolf Lane's story dates back to 2016 when some good friends created Three Wolves, Gin Social and Flamingos Tiki Bar in region that was previously know for backpackers and Great Northern beer. With a variety of different spirit bars, Darren and Sam found themselves always getting drawn back to gin. Being such a versatile spirit, they loved the idea of creating our own version of a perfect gin. In 2018 they opened next door to Three Wolves working with the best botanicals and local products including Ruby Grapefruits, Mango, Finger limes, Mint and Lavender Flowers sourced from local farms in the tablelands to create signature gin. Their mission is to produce a gin that represents our region and the lifestyle we live in. A tropical holiday in every sip!
Richard Bauer


Paul Messenger

Inspired by the diverse and vibrant rum culture of the Caribbean islands and a yearning for fine Australian spirits, distiller Paul Messenger, along with his wife Mandy and daughters Harriet, Edwina & Claudia, embarked on a journey to create a plantation distillery on their cattle & cane farm, nestled in the green caldera surrounding Mt Warning in Northern NSW. Husk Distiller's vision was to create a premium, paddock to bottle agricole rum with a unique Australian expression. Ink Gin was a bold risk which paid off, as people around the country fell in love with the colour play & soft Australiana taste.
Richard Bauer


Chamaine and Suzan, Founders

Hosted by The Gin Birds.

The Gin Birds support independent and emerging gin distilleries still growing their brands in Australia through Events, Gin Subscription exclusively showcasing Australia’s own local distillers and Gindex the first digital gin and tonic megastore. This year The Gin Birds just launched Australia's first ever GinNation Consumer Gin Awards.

Ticket free with purchase of gin



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