Gin Stones

What are Gin Stones?

Melting ice cubes cool and tame high-proof spirits allowing a more nuanced flavor profile to come through but in many such changes can bring an unwelcome change to the drinking experience to gin. Gin stones are used to cool the spirit down and preserve the integrity of the spirit. Made of non-porous soapstone, these gin stones is designed to preserve the taste and aroma of your gin and have soft edges so will not scratch your beloved glassware.

How to use

Place them in the freezer at least 4 hours before use. When you are ready to have a glass of gin, place your gin stones into the glass and pour your drink. You should get a chilled drinking experience that lasts up to 25 minutes. Note: Since the stones can't melt it takes on the heat and energy of the gin and eventually will get warmer. So, it will chill the drink a bit at first, but eventually the stone effectively stop chilling the drink.

Care instructions

Rinse them in warm water and dish soap to kill bacteria and prevent the build-up of residue. Ensure you store them in a freezer bag to avoid odour absorption. You can soak stones in a mixture of water and gin to remove flavours that have been absorbed by the stones while stored in the freezer. We do not recommend washing stones in the dishwasher as it can absorb the soap and chemicals sink in and changes the flavour of anything you put them in. We hope you enjoy!