What is GinFever?

GinFever is Australia’s Craft Gin and Tonic club from Fever Tree in joint venture with Australia's Craft Gin pioneers The Gin Birds. Fever Trees continue their quest to provide an unrivaled drinking experience at every occasion.

What do I get?

Anyone who wants to explore Australian Craft Gin pairing with the best Fever Tree tonics have to offer. Each box will include a a full size bottle of gin, pairing wheel, and gin pairing goodies!

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How it works


Buy a single box or sign up 1, 2 or 3 Monthly box! Cancel anytime!


Receive a box filled with gin and tonic goodies, tasting notes, pairing wheel with free shipping every time!


Explore and taste the best of Australian Craft Gin paired with the best premium mixers on offer from Fever Tree in your home or with your friends!

Give yourself GinFever with Australia’s ultimate Gin and Tonic experience

Get a Single Box, or 1, 2 or 3 Monthly Box bringing the best of Australia to your door.

We will deliver:

- Full-size bottle of Craft Australian Gin sourced directly from the Distillery

- Fever Tree Premium Tonics or Mixers Paired to the Gin of the Month

- Gin and Tonic Pairing Wheel and other goodies

- Tasting Notes

- Gin Cocktail Recipes

- Editorial on the Distillery of the Month


The Gin Birds deliver all editorials and recipes digitally.

Sign up today.

Who are The Gin Birds?

Welcome to the club for lovers of Australian craft gin.

We look high and low to discover Australia's most spectacular small-batch gins.

Every month, we select a bottle of gin from the distillery of our choice. Together with the makers we write up the recipes, gather the tasting notes and write the story of the distillery.

You can pause or cancel anytime. No membership or cancellation fees.

FREE SHIPPING for the lifetime of your membership.

Who are Fever Tree?

Since Fever Tree put the lid on the first bottle of Premium Indian Tonic Water, they haven’t wavered in our single-minded mission to bring quality, flavour and choice back to mixers. Innovation remains at the heart of Fever-Tree and we've developed a range of tonic waters that perfectly complement the varied flavour categories of gin.

Our story is about going to the ends of the earth in pursuit of the best and, the most exciting thing is, we’ve only just scratched the surface.

Fever Tree are pioneering to produce an unrivaled drinking experience at every occasion.

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