What is GinNation?

GinNation Awards is Australia's most exciting Gin awards launched in 2020 as the first consumer driven in Australia created to provide a powerful synergy between consumer and distiller. Australia's most experienced Gin consumer judges will decide Australia's best gins while distilleries get valuable consumer feedback.

Why a Consumer Judge?

At GinNation we believe Australia's passionate gin community are unlike any other  with intimate knowledge of craft gin in the marketplace, and are committed to supporting Australian craft distillers.  

For our consumers, gin is a way of life.

About GinNation Awards

The consumer judged awards will be conducted like any other professional tasting event. 

Following a rigorous screening and tryouts, we have handpicked the judges to show their knowledge, flair, preferences, and articulation of Australian Craft Gin. For many of our judges gin is a lifestyle and the ambassadors of the consumer choice. 

Every entrant receives: 

  • Personalised GinNation Consumer Awards feedback for each gin
  • Coverage on GinNation, The Gin Birds and Gindex socials and website

Winners receive:

  • Extensive coverage on GinNation, The Gin Birds and Gindex socials and website
  • Editorial showcasing winners on GinNation, The Gin Birds and Gindex websites
  • Point of sale materials including stickers
  • Digital medals, certificate and logo pack 

Entries close 17th September 2020

How it works


Nominate one or more of your gins into the respective categories


A panel of consumer judges will judge and score your gin providing constructive feedback which we will share with you


Get real feedback from experienced consumers and have the chance for your gin win the Gold, Silver or Bronze Award

Why Consumer Judges?

At GinNation we believe the best gins are homegrown here in Australia from our unique botanicals and talented gin distillers.

We also know the gin loving community are committed to supporting the best gin, and thoroughly vocal about their favourites.

The Consumer Award gives the experienced consumers a say about the best of Australian Gin and collectively decide which brands deserve the grand title. In addition, we commit to sharing the consumer feedback to you.

The winners in each class are decided by 100% consumer judges.

How does Judging Work?

Just like any other industry awards, judging will be conducted in a professional judging context only we invite real consumers with an expansive knowledge on Australian Craft Gin.

Our judges are experienced gin consumers handpicked through a rigorous interview process and will undertake further training on conducting a gin tasting.

Judging will take place in Sydney NSW in October 2020. There will be one panel of consumer judges (up to 12).

Every gin entered has the possibility of winning a medal – gold, silver or bronze.

Meet the Medals

Eva Foam

Non slip surface


Classic Dry Gin

Also referred to as London Dry Gin. Should be produced using a clean base spirit with a neutral taste which allows the distilled flavours of the botanicals to come through. The gin should be juniper forward where all the botanicals are distilled either soaked in the neutral spirit inside the still or placed in a basket within the still or along the lyne arm. The botanicals may be distilled individually or together in a single batch. Must be bottled at a minimum of 37% a/v. Classic Dry Gin cannot be coloured or flavoured artificially.

Contemporary Style Gin

Also referred to as "New age" or "new wave" gins. Juniper should still be discernible but flavours from other botanicals such as citrus, spice and floral notes are more prominent than in a traditional gin. Must be bottled at a minimum of 37% a/v. Contemporary Style Gin cannot be coloured or flavoured artificially.

Matured Gin

Also referred to as Barrel Aged Gin. A distilled gin that has been matured in wooden barrels for any length of time. Judges will be looking at the influence of the wood and barrel characteristics in balance with traditional gin flavours. Must be bottled at a minimum of  37% a/v. Matured Gin cannot be coloured or flavoured artificially other than that obtained from the barrel itself.

Old Tom Gin

A distilled gin product to replicate the historical style of “Old Tom” either botanically intense or botanically sweetened. Nowadays Old Tom is a very good gin quite often sweetened by the distillation of larger than normal amounts of licorice or the like but not added after distillation. Old Tom can also be sweetened with sugar and may be influenced by wood maturation. It is generally considered richer in flavour than London Dry Gin. Must be bottled at a minimum of 37% a/v. Old Tom cannot be coloured or flavoured artificially.

Navy Gin

A Distilled Gin bottled at a minimum of  50% a/v. Traditionally “Navy Gin” is bottled between 57% and 58% a/v however Australian distillers bottle navy style from 50% and still presents as a navy strength retaining characteristics that are typical of a higher strength.

Flavoured Gin

A Distilled Gin that has been flavoured with fruit or other botanicals, typically via infusion or maceration and may be sweetened such as Sloe Gins or Gin Liqueurs. Must be bottled at a minimum of 20% a/v.

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Entry Fees

Each entry costs $80 AUD per gin per category.

Entry Checklist

We require the following for you to qualify:

- Two full size gin sample bottles, minimum 1000mL per entry are required for the judging process, to be sent at applicant's own cost (shipping address will be provided on confirmation of entry).

- Completed online application for each gin submission

- Full payment of entry fees within 48 hours of entry


For any enquiries regarding your shipments, please email us at hello@theginbirds.com

Judging Process

The judging is held in one tasting event in October 2020. Winners will be announced on Thursday 5th November 2020.

Should further rounds be required, additional tasting events will be held to complete the judging of all entrants.

All gin products will be judged blind and served neat. 

Judging will take place in a neutral location in Sydney NSW in October 2020. There will be one panel of consumer judges (up to 12). Our judges are experienced consumer judges handpicked through a rigorous interview process and will undertake further training on conducting a gin tasting.

Every gin entered has the possibility of winning a medal – gold, silver or bronze. Highest points will be awarded the gold medal.

Should you further clarification around the judging process please email hello@theginbirds.com 

Terms and Conditions

- All gins must be produced in Australia by producers holding an Excise Manufacturers Licence and must comply with the laws as set by the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Code (FSANZ).

 - All entries must be made by the closing date of 17th September 2020, entered gin must be recieved by this date. Proof of postage is acceptable for delayed shipments.

- Entries are only accepted with a completed online entry form with the appropriate entry fee.

- If an entry is withdrawn after completion of the entry (payment has been made), the entry fee will be not be returned. Products will be retained by the Organisers.

- When shipping your entries , please ensure all shipping is prepaid otherwise it will incur an administration fee.

- The judges’ decision on all matters is final.

- The Organisers may, at their discretion, refuse to accept an entry.

- The Organisers may need to alter the closing date for the awards, place an entry in the most appropriate style, rule that an entry may not compete or is ineligible to compete, or alter the date, time or place on or at which the awards are scheduled to take place. The Organisers will be in contact with the entrants for any changes.

- The Organisers have the discretion to disqualify any entry not deemed as meeting the entry criteria.

- These rules are governed by the laws of the Australia.

- Unused bottles will not be returned. Our policy on un-returned bottles is as follows:

 Opened and closed bottles may be poured at trade and consumer events and to promote the individual brand via social media.

Contact Us

For any general enquiries please reach out to us at hello@theginbirds.com

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