The new rewards in Gin.

You'll earn 10 Gincentives on every dollar you spend to get that free bottle of Craft Gin* and more..


Buy Gin.

Earn 10 Gincentives for every dollar you spend. Once you reach 2000 points, start redeeming! If you buy a bottle (or case) of gin each month from us, you may as well get rewards for coming through. We love supporters of Aussie Gin and so we want to say thank you!

This way you get to try more of the new and exciting craft gin from various distillers.

Get Signing.

Sign up and get 100 Gincentives.

Become a member of Gindex Rewards Member and hear about new releases, exclusive content and rewards while you shop.


Get Social.

Share our website on Facebook and earn 50 Gincentives.


Get Older (none the wiser).

Birthdays get you 200 Gincentives . You earned it!


Get Referrals to get you and your friend a $10 voucher. 


Then Redeem.

Once you get to 2000 Gincentives, you can start redeeming from the pop-up on the bottom right of the Gindex site. You can track your gincentives and  apply your discount to your cart.

100 Gincentives = $1

Here's an example.

If you spend $70 a month on Craft Gin or Mixers with us, in 12 months you will have earned yourself a free bottle of craft gin to the value of $84.

Spend and earn as much or as little as you like!


 *Minimum 2000 Gincentives to redeem towards a product of your choice


Got questions? Shoot us an email at