That Spirited Lot

Welcome to the markets of the Mekong Delta. That Spirited Lot’s Hawker Market Gin is inspired by co-founders JP and Chris’s love of vibrant South East Asian market culture.

This contemporary gin is driven by juniper and paired with the freshness and zing of
coriander seed, kaffir lime, ginger, lemongrass and toasted coconut. One shot, pot
distilled to maximise flavour extraction and mouth feel, this small batch spirit is
reminiscent of a fragrant green curry.

Serve neat, as a gimlet cocktail or with ginger ale and a wedge of lime on a sunny day.

Tasting Notes
Vaguely herbal, conjuring aromas of pine needles, coriander seed and crushed curry leaves, less the heat. The Asian spice theme continues on the palate with suggestions of Thai green curry backed up by juniper, Vietnamese mint and citrus. Lingering spices through the finish.

Garnish: Fresh Lime & Mint
Serve neat or with ginger ale