Drops of Juniper GIN.

Drops of Juniper


Drops of Juniper upped the juniper and used oranges in both the still and vapour infusing to bring a bright and flavoursome mid palate. On the finish, they wanted a flavour that would hum along and a length that would seemingly never stop. You'll find a touch of cinnamon and cardamom to greet your taste buds here and they will carry you through the final part of your GIN. journey - a smooth finish without feeling like you're being overwhelmed by alcohol. Drink GIN. any way you want it, with any tonic you want and we promise - you will not be disappointed!

Drop of Juniper's first born GIN.  is a super versatile gin perfect for a martini, for a GnT or simply over ice. Claimed to be the 'swiss army knife' of gin!

Region: Victoria, Australia

Size: 700mL
Alcohol: 40.0%