Hurdle Creek

Hurdle Creek Gin an idea that was born from an aversion to getting up and driving to work in the morning and an appreciation for the calming effects of a libation poured over ice in the evening time. And so, Hurdle Creek Still came to be on the family property in the King Valley, Victoria.

All  products are made and bottled onsite in The Stillhouse, their triple distilled base spirit is made from locally sourced grain using a traditional infusion mashing system which gives the gin a unique grain character. The juniper and a select blend of local and native botanicals - some of which are grown in the garden – are vapour infused into the spirit ensuing light, subtle flavours throughout our gins.

The Aniseed Gin

A unique gin distilled from barley spirit, vapour infused with a balance between classic and aniseed botanicals.

The Aniseed Gin 42% (formerly Evolution)

A unique aniseed flavoured gin vapour infused with the traditional gin botanicals including juniper, coriander, angelica and cassia bark, with a blend of aniseed flavoured botanicals: aniseed, star anise, fennel, liquorice root and aniseed myrtle, fresh ginger and cinnamon myrtle.

Recipe ideas: G&T garnished with orange and sage, in long drinks with ginger beer and lime.