Sandy Gray GIN

Sandy Gray

Sandy Gray Gin 500ml

Sandy Gray Artisan Small Batch Gin won a Gold Medal at the 2020 World Spirits Competition in San Francisco..

It is made in the London Dry style. It is a complex melange of 11 botanicals. The heroes of this gin are Lime, Pepperberry, Cardamom and Cassia. 

The Sandy Gray Whisky Company was formed in 2016 by Neil Gray and Bob Connor, two friends who have had a long association playing music together in Northern Tasmania. The business was named after Neil’s father Alexander (Sandy) Gray who was a doctor at Evandale for a number of years after emigrating from Scotland.

The two are still performing around the North of Tassie after beginning their musical
collaborations in the late 70’s. Their mission for the distillery was quite simple. To create the finest possible spirits. The distillery, located on the Cradle coast of northern Tasmania just outside Devonport, distils Whisky and Gin from the finest Tasmanian barley and water that originates in the Central Highlands.

The spirits are produced in small quantities so that the quality can be maintained throughout the entire process. The meticulous attention to detail bore fruit in March of 2020 when the Artisan Small Batch Gin won a Gold Medal at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirit Competition. The gin is non-chill filtered to retain as much flavour as possible and is bottled at 46%. The higher alcohol content allows more flavour to be retained, particularly the Juniper.

Seventeen prototypes were tested before the current recipe was selected as “the one”.
We use 11 botanicals – juniper, coriander, lime peel, angelica root, liquorice root, orris root, cassia bark, Tasmanian pepperberry, cardamom, lemongrass and star anise.

If drinking with tonic the magic ratio we believe is 3:1 tonic to gin so the flavour of the gin is still there. We use Lime Peel as a botanical, so a wedge of lime is nice. It also drinks well neat or on the rocks.

We do prefer Fever Tree Indian or Mediterranean Tonic water as it allows the gin to shine through. We will have a limited release Summer gin at the start of Summer and there are a some more limited releases in prototype stage.

AWARDS: Gold Medal at the 2020 World Spirits Competition in San Francisco.