Souwester SUNSET GIN
Souwester SUNSET GIN
Souwester SUNSET GIN
Souwester SUNSET GIN

Souwester SUNSET GIN

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This chardonnay macerated gin has been aged in a Voyager Estate MJW Chardonnay barrel and infused with a unique blend of botanicals from Margaret River. It has a complex and feminine bouquet, with vanilla bean and floral notes reminiscent of a summer’s day. A honeysuckle sweetness, delicate citrus and fresh forest accents linger on the palate, with a warming saltiness and a velvety mouthfeel.

Whole bunches of freshly picked Chardonnay grapes from Voyager Estate have been macerated for three months in a Juniper spirit, before being blended with individual distillations of Christmas Tree flowerGeraldton WaxRed SamphireFinger Lime and Coriander

This is the first time Christmas Tree flower been used in a spirit. This ancient bushtucker, which is endemic to the southern parts of Western Australia, has an enticing earthy and honeysuckle undertone. The Geraldton Wax imparts a liveliness with fresh forest aromas that develop with lemongrass and citrus, while there is a warming saltiness from the Red Samphire. 

The blend was then matured in a French oak barrique, with the fruity Chardonnay notes and toasty oak enriching and intensifying the botanicals to create an exceptionally smooth finish with excellent persistence. The barrel contributes a beautiful golden hue and texture. 

Hand bottled and individually numbered, this textural gin tastes like Christmas captured in a bottle.

It is best enjoyed over ice, as a martini, or with a clean tonic mixer. Garnish with dehydrated grapefruit or orange.

Bottles: 350

Alcohol: 40%

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