That Spirited Lot

A leisurely bicycle ride down the streets of a small town in Kyushu, the smell of fragrant
flowers fill the air. That Spirited Lot's 'Island Flower Gin' is inspired by co-founder Kate's travels to Southern Japan & Okinawa Islands.

The gentle pink colour of the spirit is achieved by maceration of hibiscus flowers post-distillation. Hibiscus is a symbol of the Okinawa Islands blooming all year round.

Serve neat, as a gimlet cocktail or with ginger ale and a wedge of lime on a sunny day.

Tasting Notes

This one shot pot distilled gin is crafted from Australian grape spirit, with base notes of juniper and coriander, accented with the sweetness of dried apples, fig, date, hibiscus flower & highlights of zingy lemon. Take a sip and think bubble gum.

Garnish: Fresh Lemon Slice
Serve neat or with soda