That Spirited Lot NINCH DRY GIN
That Spirited Lot NINCH DRY GIN

That Spirited Lot NINCH DRY GIN

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Proudly distilled by brothers Jon-Paul & Chris Willigenburg, their flagship Ninch Dry Gin is inspired by their youth growing up on the Mornington Peninsula or “Ninch” and travels throughout the globe.

Ninch Dry Gin is traditionally pot distilled from Australian grape spirit and crafted to
hold itself up to the complex modern palate and varied serving preferences. Our
botanical selection features the usual suspects such as juniper, coriander and angelica with a bunch of new age twists with our distillation methods ensuring maximum extraction of botanical oils enhancing the bouquet, flavour, mouth feel and length of palate.
We really hope you enjoy this luscious little number as much as we “and our folks” do.

Tasting Notes
Dense and creamy opening aromas of dried grass and cheesecake followed by earthy juniper, dried pine needles and lemon peel. Creamy, relaxed mouth feel with juniper in spades, nicely balanced in a sustained, vibrant, tangy finish. Late hints of lemonade gelato through the aftertaste.

Garnish: Pink Grapefruit & Sage
Serve neat or with soda

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