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Spiced, Gingered, Crisp

This Premium Navy Strength Gin is carefully distilled with our β-caryophyllene Botanical Hemp Extract in harmony with thirteen hand selected ingredients.

Rich in Cardamom, Cinnamon, Grapefruit and Hemp extract β-caryophyllene, the High Seas boasts an arrangement of flavours that synchronise to produce transformative notes of spiced nutmeg, sweet ginger cookie and heady grapefruit.

With a soft sweetness on the nose and a crisp pepper note on the pallet, the High Seas Navy Strength shines exceptionally on ice with premium tonic, garnished with pink grapefruit and in classic cocktails, such as a Dry or Wet Martini.

Created with 100% Organic Non GMO locally grown Hemp

58%ABV / 700ml

Navy Strength Cannabis-terpene Hemp Gin

From day zero, we knew that Navy Strength gin would really allow our hemp to shine. 116 proof alcohol is the perfect vehicle for the plant’s earthy vitality, providing a robust chassis to carry its heavy load of citrus spice.

On the nose you'll experience tropical immersion, reminiscent of that point where the beach meets the jungle on a remote coastline of the Coral Sea. Fresh tones of grapefruit blend with ginger, turmeric and cinnamon, beckoning you into the canopy. On first sip, a heady dose of spice meets strong notes of citrus lime, balanced by fragrant rosemary, blossoming into a long dry finish through the complex interaction between earthy lows and floral highs.

Combining 13 exotic botanicals with β-caryophyllene (one of the most beneficial terpenes in cannabis), has enabled us to distil an exceptionally easy-drinking spirit. Add a slice of fresh cut lime and a splash of tonic to make this gin sing; you’ll ask yourself, how can a 58% strength gin be so smooth? The answer is simple: hemp provides.

One bottle contains 700ml of gin.